Historical Musical Trilogy

The musicals This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll, My Generation, and Watergate & Other Solid Gold Hits span three decades and cover some of the most tumultuous moments in American history. Together, they form a whimsical and thoughtful trilogy of stories that blend history and fiction.

This Is Rock ‘N’ Roll follows the rise and fall of real-life disc jockey Allan Freed as he controversially popularizes a new form of music in the 1950s. My Generation confronts racism, the Vietnam War, and a drastically shifting culture as three friends navigate the 1960s. Watergate & Other Solid Gold Hits follows a relentless and scheming advisor clawing his way up the ranks of power players in D.C.

“[Watergate and Other Solid Gold Hits] is such a good show, with its combination of a strong historical plot and great music, that it deserves a wider audience. The focus on politics, which seems to be a history that never changes, makes it timely still. It would be great to see this musical recognized and performed for larger audiences, as in Los Angeles.”

—Joan Crowder, The Tribune

Running from 2011-2013, each production was directed by Kevin Harris at SLOrep, with choreography by Drew Silvaggio, and featured a live band playing popular music from the respective era.