The Daddy Complex

What started as an online parenting journal grew into an award-winning social media brand. And there were plenty of expletives along the way.

The Daddy Complex skewered the unrealistic image of the “perfect parent” perpetuated by many mom and dad bloggers. With brutal honesty and salty language, the Tumblr site offered steaming hot takes on the day-to-day challenges of raising kids. In addition, the site produced unique content such as fake conversation with newborn twins and a video series in which children tackled the latest news headlines.

Babble named the site one of the funniest blogs for three consecutive years. And The Daily Beast named the accompanying Twitter account, @thedaddycomplex, a “Beast Best.”

The success of The Daddy Complex led to speaking engagements, TV appearances and, eventually, a book deal based on the viral post “The CTFD Method.”